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7 DAYS-LIVINGSTONE/KAFUE/SOUTH LUANGWA-$2420 per head_____________________________________________________________________________________

Day 1

TOUR OF THE FALLS (COMBINED EXCURSION Zambia & Zimbabwe)The number of activities on the first day is determined by the clients' arrival time and their state of readiness. Clients gets a free transfer from the Livingstone airport to their (respective place lodging), for instances where air mode of transportation is used. En-route to the (lodging) place complimentary drinks between a choice of a soft drink or bottles water are an entitlement. The journey from the airport to the lodge isn't just a boring stretch but synonymous to a town tour. Livingstone town abounds with structures historic and symbolic, stretching as far back as the seventeenth century. Clients get indulged into the history of this iconic town as they drive through central cultural village, local historical museum, the Railways Museum and many more edifices narrating our African transformation as a Zambian People. Clients are checked in (---------) for a short period to refresh and repose in readiness for the exploration of Africa's Tourism pride and one of the 7(seven) World Natural Wonders -THE MIGHTY VICTORIA FALLS.

08:30hrs----FALLS TOUR (ZAMBIA SIDE)LOOK OUT TREE. The best introduction the exotic and best kept natural landscapes of Africa will be a look out on a highest upper elevation view point of the entire Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe's Vic Falls town, Mosi-O -Tunya National game park, Some Villages and Communities and Livingstone Town. 


The Falls is equi-distant from the Lodge where clients stay thus giving them a preamble tour of the visible smoke of water mist as it ascends to unknown heights. The anxiety is quilled by the actual gleamance of the Falls, the roaring sound of the barrage of water as it meanders through rapids and gorges to their final destination (the Main Falls). The Mighty Falls is a phenomenal spectacle that makes the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia hence some features of the falls are in Zambia whereas others are in Zimbabwe. Therefore the experience is never complete until a view is done from both lands.The trails in the Falls area are exceptional; its transformational and geographic historicity as told by Our guides will never seize to amaze you. Learn the names of the Second World War heroes engrained on the War Statue; appreciate the Beauty of the mountainous scenery. There are many trails to trudge that constitutes the trip giving you varying angles and elevations to know the Falls. Certain trails especially to the Boiling Pot is a decline to the river that leaves you pleading for rest while the journey across the Knife Edge Bridge will leave you drenched, it's a typical Rain forest. Our knowledgeable Guides will expound and demystify the history compounded in this lustrous trip. Inter-spaced period of refreshments and snacks are at the behest of the clients.

11:30hrs-13hrs--ZIMBABWEAN SIDE

The Main Falls where millions and millions of gallons of water nose-dive into the belly of the earth creating a breath taking kaleidoscopic scenery embedded by a beautiful rainbow is what Zimbabwe has to offer, how the water whirls, colliding before cascading downward is a relive-able moment.This symbiotic trip is the best that Africa can offer because it defies men's understanding and explains the wondrous doing of the Mighty Creator of the Mighty Falls.

19hrs-------Lodge/Clients will be at the lodge for a rest on the serene environment of the lodge while reminiscing on their Falls experiences. The Lodge environment accords clients an opportunity to see wild animals that ply the lodge surroundings while gazing at the beautiful African setting sun. Dinner is served from the restaurant; variegated sumptuous dishes are on the offing. These are at an extra cost.-


a great relaxing experience where you get a chance to see some hippos, crocodile, elephants and some antelopes while they are coming to have the last drink for the day. On this tour, you will appreciate the beauty of the sun as it is setting and the African natural landscape. This gives you are very social moment where you interact as a team while you relax and enjoy the sumptuous snacks and drinks which are all included in the tour package 


A tour to the Mukuni Village is a 3 hour eye-opening, educational and inspiring activity. With a population of about 5000, Mukuni is a real village with real Leya people living their lives. During the tour, you will learn about their livelihoods, culture, and see Chief Mukuni's Palace. You will also have an opportunity to sample the local traditional food and beer. Mukuni Village is a Royal village which was founded around the 13th Century. The Chief's guides and the people of the village are more than happy to show visitors their huts and take you inside, explain how they are built and decorated, introduce you to various craftsmen and women at work and ask you to taste some traditional foods and beer. This is a working village, not a purpose built tourist attraction, and it is a privilege to be welcomed into their lifestyle. This tour will end with a visit to the historical Maramba market where you will sample one of Africa's great set up of a market and what constitute our daily dietary food pattern. Zambia is a unique country with diverse cultures with distinct dietary characteristics. With over 12 cultures each one with its distinct diet, you will amazed to learn that some produce are food to one culture and medicine to the other. Dinner Boma Dinner with a traditional dance troupe


Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park covers 66km2 (25sq.mi) from the Songwe Gorge below the falls in a north-west arc along about 20km of the Zambian river bank. It forms the south-western boundary of the city of Livingstone and has two main sections, each with separate entrances, a wildlife park at its north-western end, and the land adjacent to the immense and awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, which in the rainy season is the world's largest curtain of falling water.[4]It extends downstream from the falls and to the south-east along the Batoka gorges. The wildlife park includes tall riverine forest with palm trees,miombo woodland and grassland with plenty of birds, and animals including Angolan giraffe, Burchell's zebra, warthog, sable, eland, Cape buffalo, impala and other antelope The Falls section of the national park includes the rainforeston the cliff opposite the Eastern Cataract which is sustained by spray from the falls. It contains plants rare for the area such as pod mahogany, ebony, ivory palm and wild date palm. This tour combines a 2 hours Safari Game Drive and 1 hour walking Safari to see the Rhino. This is an experience for true game lovers. Drinks and Snacks will be provided as at when clients require.After Game Drive, Guests will proceed to have private and special lunch in the Park by the Banks of the Zambezi River. 

Day 3. -Afternoon -

Departure to Kafue National park HIPPO BAY (KAFUE National Park)Amid-day adventurous drive will end at hippo bay Lodge along Itezhi-tezhi Dam were the client will have a bush repose in anticipation for an indulging encounter with the wild game in the morning.Hippo Bay, Camp is the ideal location to relax on the Itezhi Tezhi Lake.You can relax whilst overlooking the lake, shimmering silver in the midday sun with the striking remains of the trees that once thrived on these plains providing a perch for several Fish Eagles. Even though Musa Gate is just 20 minutes drive, feel secluded in this spot of Eden between totally relaxed Puku, scores of Crested Guinea Fowls and, of course, Hippos singing.


Morning & Afternoon Game Drives[Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia, covering an area of about 22,400km². Kafue has a superb range of antelopesas well as large herds of red lechwe and puku, with smaller groups of zebras and blue wildebeest in the Busanga Plains around June, when it starts to dry out. Across the northern half of the park, there's a good range of mixed bush environments. Kudus, bushbucks, elands, reedbucks, duikers, grysboksand defassa waterbucks are all frequently seen in Kafue. Lions are relatively widespread all over the park, but the larger males are increasingly uncommon, with inevitable consequences for numbers as a whole. Prides stalk through nervous herds of pukus and lechwes nightly, using the natural drainage ditches for cover with deadly efficiency on the Busanga Plains. The Kafue River and its tributaries themselves are a hive of activity and home to pods of hippopotami and a few of the largest crocodiles in southern Africa. Elephants are commonly seen particularly along the Kafue River and around Lake Itezhi-tezhi. Leopards remain very common throughout the main forested areas of this park, though they are seldom seen on the open plains. Spotted hyenas are seen regularly, though not often, throughout the park. Cheetahs are not common anywhere, but they are most frequently seen in the north of this park, where they seem to be thriving. Occasional sightings of Cape wild dogs occur all over the park which is one of Zambia's best strongholds for them.

Day 6-off to South Luangwa. 

A night in Lusaka at Chaminuka Nature Reserve-18Hrs a visit Cheese Factory where a varietyof cheese is sampled

Day 7 -off to South Luangwa 06hrs -Cheetah Interaction 0730 -off to South Luangwa National park